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GameSwap - Our Picks for Top 4 Games on the PlayStation - Our Guide

So, you're looking for games to play on your PlayStation, but with hundreds of games to pick from, you're wondering which ones are worth your time. Whether you're looking for the best PlayStation games to binge this weekend or merely wondering whether you should get the console, here are our top four picks!

1. The Last of Us

If we were to pick the best zombie story game among all the rest, it would be The Last of Us.

While it offers an immersive combat system, what makes the game truly profound is its emotional storyline. From the thrilling opening sequence that'll leave you at the edge (or back) of your seat to the heart-wrenching plot twist, you'll spend the next few days trying to justify in your mind, saying that the game is entertaining is an understatement.

The game itself is set in a post-apocalyptic world where stealth is the key to survival. With how immersive the game is, filled with exhilarating sequences and emotional scenes, your evening gaming session will soon be greeted with the rising sun.

2. Marvel's Spider-Man

The Spider-man games have been around for quite a while. That said, before their newest title, the games were quite the wild ride. You can go from having an unmatched gaming experience in one to sitting through an achingly subpar encounter with another.

Fortunately for you, the game has finally been perfected. Marvel's Spider-Man, created by Insomniac Games, offers a thrilling experience of swinging over New York City. It's nothing short of amazing! That said, the storyline was also refreshed with unique takes on popular characters like Mary Jane while still adding a new layer struggles Peter Parker faces trying to keep the city in check while beating out villains. The combat system was also revamped, enjoying one similar to the Batman Arkham games, satisfying with every strike.

With a great storyline, mesmerizing visuals, and an engaging combat system, you’re sure to have great fun!

3. Bloodborne

From Dark Souls and Bloodborne to the more recent Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, these unforgiving games developed by FromSoftware have been a favorite among the gaming community for many reasons. Some love the challenge, while others enjoy the mystery, but everyone loves finally beating that boss after the 50th try.

That said, among these three games, we genuinely love Bloodborne. Compared to medieval-esque themes revolving around Dark Souls and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Bloodborne is set in a gothic world filled with petrifying yet beautiful creatures. The combination of blood-fuelled magic and "modern" weapons that can change form for different utility truly makes for its unique combat system, different from any of the Souls game.

With different layers of progression, beautiful environments, and refreshing combats, Bloodborne is like a nightmare you want to never wake from.

4. God of War

We can't forget about God of War, can we? This hack and slash game turned into something all dads in the world can relate to (to a certain extent). The way Kratos struggles to connect to his child, the way he tries to act like a father, and the way he calls out to him—all of these make for a game that's serious, yet humorous in a certain way.

That said, the game itself is changed quite dramatically. From the insane combat system previous titles implemented, God of War sports more precise fights. The camera is also much closer, helping you connect even closer to Kratos.

Put simply, God of War is a masterpiece, a fine balance of story and action combined into a game that many would say is one of the best games they've ever played.

To conclude, thanks to their delicate balance of immersive characters and plots, as well as satisfying and smooth combat systems, these games are easily our top four picks for the PlayStation. That said, there are many other games on the platform that are just as amazing. Fun is subjective, but we truly believe that every single gamer out there is going to find these games genuinely exhilarating.

Looking to buy the games we've just talked about? Get in touch with us and get your copy today!

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